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Our Mission
The center was formed as a community resource for personal development, healing and growth. We are unique in that we have pioneered 7 Guiding Principles of Awareness that when applied, will give you a mastery of your life. These principles bring you to an awareness of the barriers that prevent you from connecting to your authentic self. They guide you to your personal truth or the knowledge of what is right for you. Once you make this connection, you have it all! This knowledge of yourself will bring you the clarity to make the right choices and will allow you to create a life that really works for you.

About Carol Stansfield, MBA, MA,
Founder of the Center for Life Mastery

Carol has devoted her life to motivating and inspiring people to new levels of excellence. She empowers her clients to trust and believe in themselves and their ability to create the health, happiness and success they desire. She believes each of us innately knows what we want, but sometimes cannot effectively integrate these desires into our daily actions. Her step-by-step approach shows us how to establish clear goals that reflect our inner-most desires, and how to make choices with awareness so that our daily actions are aligned with our goals. Only then can we create the life we want and live our life on purpose!


“I have found Carol to have an amazing ability to understand individuals at a very deep level and offer non-judgmental, compassionate assistance in the form of encouragement and direction as she utilizes her coaching skills, past education, experiences and good humor.

Carol’s humility and sincere exuberance for life make her a charming and fascinating speaker. Her educational background and spiritual wisdom offer her audience emotional and spiritual nourishment.”

“Carol is a person of extraordinary character and warmth. Her ability to soothe and help others is truly remarkable! What Carol is teaching in Beyond Survival is from her heart and soul and I believe any student will be rewarded immensely from this class.” P.W., MD

“After 11 years as a Marketing Manager, I made the decision to stay at home with my daughter and newborn son. I felt fulfilled in many respects – yet unproductive at the same time. I came to realize that I was evaluating myself against the corporate yardstick of how much I was “doing”.

Carol helped me to see that fulfillment comes from focusing on what is important in your life, not from how much you are doing. Caring for my children was one of the most important things in my life right now. It was okay to relax and enjoy being with them. She also encouraged me to find the support I needed to find more time for myself so I could lead a more balanced life. My quality of life changed instantly by simply changing the way I looked at things. Thank You, Carol!

I am grateful to Carol for the process work we have done together. She is a very gifted teacher. She respectfully challenges you to see through old beliefs and life patterns. She gently guides you to find your own answers and in so doing, brings you to a new level of awareness. Carol has the ability to simplify to the most basic level. She keeps you positive and in action. Finally – someone who goes beyond theory and offers the “how to” we can really use to guide us every day.”


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