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I. “Beyond Survival”: A Series of Foundational Classes

These classes are centered around self-esteem and self-empowerment. These concepts lay the foundation for “The 7 Steps to Life Mastery” workshops.

The premise of these classes is that most of the problems we are experiencing in our lives today are due to two deeply-rooted false beliefs: 1) that we are not worthy or good enough and 2) that we have no power to change our lives. We will examine how these beliefs show up each and every day in the things we say, the actions we take and even in our innermost thoughts. We will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to move beyond these self-limiting beliefs.

1. Introduction to Beyond Survival:
This class has 3 major objectives:

  1. To help you identify and define your own personal “vision of success.” This is the first step to discovering your own unique passion or purpose.
  2. To help you become aware of the hidden barriers that may be preventing you from reaching this vision. We will provide you with tools and techniques for breaking through these barriers.
  3. To show you how to create your own action plan for achieving your personal vision of success.

2. Beyond Survival:

This class builds upon concepts presented in the first Beyond Survival class. We will take a more in-depth and interactive approach through discussions and experiential exercises. The emphasis is on application of the concepts to our everyday life situations. This discussion within the group will lead to a much clearer and deeper understanding. Everyone has the opportunity to share their feelings and insights.

II. “The 7 Steps to Life Mastery”: A Series of Advanced Classes

The 7 Steps to Life Mastery are the keys to understanding that will allow you to master your life. Each step will bring you closer to your authentic self, allowing you to stay centered and present in life while you face your most challenging fears and life situations. A new awareness of yourself and of universal laws will allow you a new clarity on how to get what you really want out of life.

  1. Introduction to The 7 Steps to Life Mastery
    This class will give you a brief overview of each of the steps to life mastery: Being, Acceptance, Ego, Empowerment, Understanding, Love and Joy. We will utilize examples to deepen your understanding of each of these profound concepts.
  2. The 7 Steps to Life Mastery:
    This is an in-depth look at each step along with experiential exercises and homework to help you gain an understanding of each concept at a deep level.

III. A Series of Application Courses

Interactive Application, Discussion and Role Playing Workshops:

  1. Group application of the concepts in Beyond Survival
    Intensive discussion around how to bring self-love and self-empowerment into your relationships, you parenting, your job, your health and overall well-being.
  2. Group Application of the concepts in the 7 Steps to Life Mastery
    Intensive focus on what these principles look and feel like in everyday life. How to deal with today’s issues and any other topics brought forth
    for discussion.

IV. Customized Application (see coaching)

Intensive discussion and application of concepts to your specific life concerns as they come up each day or each week.

For more information on the specific dates and times of these workshops please E-mail me at classes@thecenterforlifemastery.com.

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