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What is coaching?
Coaching is a co-creative relationship between client and coach which is focused, interactive, and empowering. The philosophy of the Center is that every client is an expert on their life and that all the answers they need can be found within. Therefore, a coach is there to listen, clarify, guide, and support the client. A coach may also respectfully challenge the client to discover who they are, to clarify what they want from their life, and to act in ways that support the realization of what they want. Sometimes this means helping a person to recognize the choices they are making. Other times it means breaking down the barriers that are keeping them from being themselves. At all times it means keeping you in forward motion.

What different kinds of coaching are there?
There are many different types of coaches – financial, wellness, relationship and more! Here at the Center we offer “Life Coaching”. This type of coaching is focused on defining what brings you joy and helping you to create that joy in your life.

How do I get started?
If you are interested in setting up a coaching session, please send me an e-mail with the following information: (1) Your name and phone number, (2) A basic overview of what you are looking to accomplish, (3) Your time preference (day or evening).

Congratulations! Acknowledge that you have taken your first step toward self-love and empowerment! Taking action says, “I am valuable and I am worthy enough to make an investment in myself.”

For more information on please E-mail me at personalcoaching@thecenterforlifemastery.com.


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