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Why is it that so many “successful” people feel unhappy and unfulfilled? These feelings leave them thinking that they must need more in order to finally feel good about themselves and their lives. They reach for more, thinking that the next “thing” will fill the void. But each time they are left with the same empty feeling. Happiness is always just out of reach.

It is easy to get caught in the illusion that external success will make us happy or give meaning to our lives. The truth is, the real cause of our unhappiness is not the absence of more things – but the absence of our connection to ourselves. We only need to look within to find true success. By looking inside ourselves, we will discover the love, peace and joy we have been searching for is already there. Those qualities are who we already are. We only need to become aware of it.

The awareness of who you really are is the greatest single achievement you could possibly attain in your lifetime. With self awareness comes the gift of self-love and self-acceptance. This will bring so much freedom! Then you are free to be your authentic self and free to pursue the life of your dreams. Isn’t that success?

Be the joy, peace and love that you are, for only then will you be fulfilling your life purpose in whatever you do. Only then have you found true success.

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